Tips & Basic Help

General Maintenance Tips:

How to wash an outdoor coil

  1. Turn off power!
  2. Remove panels if necessary.
  3. Rinse out coil but do not use to high of water pressure or you may damage the coil.
  4. Let the water dry and put back the panels.
  5. Turn power back on to the unit.
Note. Some coils need to be washed from the inside out to do this you must remove the fan and fan guard in one piece.


Make sure your filter is clean. Filters do not have a time frame to be changed in. If a unit never runs the filter will never get dirty if the unit runs all the time the filter will need to be changed more frequent. We have come up with a dirty filter indicator that will light up when its time to change the filter. This device goes off of the air pressures measured before and after the filter with a lifetime warranty so no more guessing. Call or email us today for more information.

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