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Get Immediate central air conditioner repair and soon everything will be cool again

When it’s hot outside, things can heat up fast when it’s not cool and comfortable inside. So call us Immediate-ly when you need a skilled cooling systems contractor to install or repair your central air conditioner. Our technicians are skilled at diagnosing your indoor unit (a furnace or air handler) as well as your outdoor unit. They can also ensure that your ductwork, ducts, and other related equipment are properly maintained and matched to ensure maximum efficiency and system life.


Your thermostat helps you control the temperature in your home. If your thermostat is faulty or broken this can mean that your furnace will not switch on at all, leaving your home cold and uncomfortable.

If you switch on your furnace only to find that it will not turn on, or that it is not heating your home effectively, you may need furnace thermostat repair services. Contact the team at D.T.M. Heating and Air Conditioning today.


When you call D.T.M. Heating and Air Conditioning for a heat pump repair, you can trust that your heat pump will be taken care of by licensed and certified technicians. From repairs to scheduled maintenance, D.T.M. Heating and Air Conditioning provides more than just a way to keep your home comfortable: we give you peace of mind that your heat pump will be in peak condition to keep your family comfortable.


Get Immediate gas furnace repair to keep your family feeling safe and warm inside

Safety: You cannot allow the potential of gas or carbon monoxide leaks to threaten your family’s well being. So at the first sign of trouble, give us a call. If you smell or sense gas, you MUST vacate your home instantly with all people and pets – then call us from outside your home.

Comfort: During the many cold New Jersey months, your home’s temperature will drop quickly without proper heating. Why subject your family to such conditions if you can avoid it? Many emergencies of this sort can be avoided simply by having us properly maintain or repair your gas furnace before it breaks…or the blizzard comes.

Expense: According to a 2011 Department of Energy report, heating accounts for about 43% of your home’s energy use. You’ll save money virtually every day of the year by having a modern, well-maintained gas furnace providing for your indoor heating needs.

Whatever your reason is for needing gas furnace assistance, you won’t go wrong entrusting the job to us. Our certified technicians are highly trained, very respectful of your time and property, and always ready to warm your heart – and your home – with their skilled furnace repair and installation services.

Call now for quick, qualified gas furnace repair or installation service at: 1-817 386 5471 !


A malfunctioning or broken down air conditioner is probably caused by an issue in the air handler. Call 817 386 5471 to speak with the experts at D.T.M. Heating and Air Conditioning about our professional air handler services. Take advantage of our current coupons and exclusive web offers to save on your upcoming cooling projects.


We serve both residential and commercial clients and offer a variety of money-saving solutions. No matter what size of unit you may need, we will make sure your unit is installed right.

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Here at D.T.M. heating and air conditioning we focus on the importance of training our technicians to be highly qualified to work for our company. We strongly believe in being up front and honest about the work that needs to be performed. We started our career working at schools, cities, federal buildings, military bases and major hospitals such as St. Judes, which instilled in us to never sacrifice quality...

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